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Best Remedies to Cure Your Lower Back Pain

If you are experiencing lower back pain, either acute or chronic, then don’t worry this place will help you with best remedies to cure your low back pain totally.

Trust me, living a life with lower back pain is disturbing (I know since I experienced it for quite a while 12 years). I had made a mistake of ignoring my low back pain when it is was acute (small and less frequent) and later it transformed into lumbar spondylosis (chronic and more painful). So the ideal approach to prevent or cure your lower back pain is to deal with it when it is minor and less frequent (acute). But it is also true that due to personal and professional commitments, we tend to overlook our small pain and later it enhances to chronic pain and when the pain becomes unbearable we start looking for remedies. isn’t? NO worries, this is the time to act.

Is it possible to cure low back pain?

My Conclusion and Experience about Preventing And Curing Lower Back Pain

Well, after living with lower back pain for more than 12 years, my experience says, preventing or curing low back pain is very much possible and it takes only two things – dedication and persistence to follow certain steps. If you are going through low back pain and willing to take out some time then you are very much near to curing low back pain. So no need to worry and take the stress (or get emotionally disturbed)s because it only adds to your pain. You are on the way to get relief from lower back pain.

Please note: Not all people with lower back pain need surgery. so please don’t think about it, In fact, many people got relief through non-surgical treatments like simple stretches, yoga postures, relaxation techniques, bones and joints supplements. For me, stretches, supplements, and relaxation techniques helped a lot to get quick relief and currently my 90 percent low back pain is cured.

Lower Back Pain Statistics

Do You Think You Are The Only One Affected By Lower Back Pain And Looking For Remedies, the answer is NO…

According to the Global Burden of Disease 2010, the Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. It is estimated that 15% to 20% of adults have back pain during a single year and 50% to 80% experience at least one episode of back pain during a lifetime. Low back pain afflicts all ages, from adolescents to the elderly, and is a major cause of disability in the adult working population.

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work.  According to US National Institutes of Health, the low back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office (upper respiratory symptoms are first).

When I was suffering from the low back pain I was looking for methods to treat it but failed to get all information at one place so thought to create a site where all remedies for lower back pain will be published to help everyone to get relief and cure lower back pain with best authentic ways.

Types of Back pain

Mainly there are four types of back pain and thus the prevention and remedial method vary.know more..

Top four Causes of back pain in Women

Broadly speaking there are few different reasons for back pain in women. Know more

Top 5 Causes for lower back pain in Men

The reasons for pain in lower back in men and women are somewhat same with few exceptions. Read on to know more about it

6 Stretches to cure lower back pain

If you do these 6 stretches in sequence, two times, then your Lower Back pain will be cured…Guaranteed.

When I started doing these stretches, trust me, gradually I started getting relief from my lower back pain and currently my lower back pain is 90% cured.

At the current stage, I am performing these stretches on daily basis with some joints and bones supplements and if I didn’t do these stretches for 2 to 4 days and If I stress my back by sitting and working for prolonged hours then I immediately feel that some minor pain started bothering me at the lower back.

Effect of Supplements on lower back pain

Supplements DO HELP in rebuilding strong bones, joints, and Cartilage.

I personally saw great improvement in my lower back pain using supplements

Know more about supplements

Do you really need a Chiropractor to treat Lower Back pain

Chiropractors are certified and trained physician who uses a range of non-surgical treatments, such as spinal management and mobilization, to treat patients with back pain.

In some cases, Chiropractors have done wonders. know more.

Do you have a sitting job?

If you have a sitting job, then you should know how it is affecting your lower back and steps to prevent it before it turns into chronic disease.

Musculoskeletal symptoms are common among office workers with a high proportion experiencing symptoms in the spine. Read on how to take care of your back if you a sitting job.