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Reasons for back pain in women

One of the very common reason found for lower back pain in women is during Pregnancy and menstrual cycles. Beside this there are several other reasons ranging from physical problems to psychological factors contributing to the lower back pain and upper back pain especially in women.

To start treatment to cure either lower or upper back pain or to prevent its return, it is essential to learn its cause so that the right approach is taken to treat the backache.. The below are some conditions that may lead either lower back pain or upper back pain in women.

1) What causes low back pain before and during menstrual cycles

It’s not rare to get low back pain during the days leading up to your period. For some women, back pain is just a minor premenstrual syndrome (PMS), causing little bit of inconvenience during those weeks, but for others, it’s sever making your entire day and night a nightmare. Let’s see in the below sub section what causes back pain before and during periods and what you can do lessen its impact.


Low back pain before periods: What causes it?

The most common reason for back muscle tension during menstrual period is unbalanced hormone levels. Even trying different lifestyle choices and changing certain habits can’t help to relieve back pain during this period in some women        .

Women Bags or purse can start backache

If you are working professional and carrying a shoulder bag like a purse or a backpack or even a heavy wallet in a back pocket then this could be one of the reason for putting pressure on your sciatic nerve resulting in back pain.

Daily usage of a bag on your shoulder can puts strain on your neck. Research shows that women carrying backpack to office often tells that part of the cause of their back pain is the bag they’re carrying. Before you grab your wallet or purse the next time you leave the house, ask yourself if you really need to pull it around with that much of stuff. At the very least, clean out your purse and wallet and carry stuff which is most essential or keep some of your stuff at office drawers or in lockers. so you have less to carry and won’t aggravate back pain symptoms.