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Exercises to be avoided in back pain

Generally, people suffering from back pain (acute or chronic) search exercises or stretches or yoga postures to relieve pain. Believe me, there are lots of websites and numerous types of exercises mentioned to either prevent or reduce back pain or lower back pain but it is very important to have the knowledge of exercises to adopt or to avoid. Because performing the wrong exercise will not provide any results but in fact, in some cases, the pain would exaggerate and may create bigger injury.

Even I also went through the same situation and ended doing wrong stretches and exercises but after spending a couple of years finally I was able to find right and appropriate exercises and stretches to prevent and cure lower back pain. So in the following subsection, i have mentioned worst exercises and stretches or you can also call as yoga postures to be avoided if you are suffering from lower back pain or back pain in general. If you want to know which exercises or stretches to be followed to cure lower back pain then please visit – Six stretches in sequence to release pain from lower back

Avoid 6 exercises if you have lower back pain